The National Weather Service of New York inflated a weather balloon to test atmospheric data related to Hurricane Florence. Photo by NWS New York.

Coastal Flood Advisory Issued For Southern Queens

By David Brand

Queens Daily Eagle

Yesterday, the National Weather Service for New York issued a Coastal Flood Advisory for southern Queens until 1 p.m. today.

The NWS said tides were expected to reach one and half feet to two and a half feet higher than the normal level.

As of press time yesterday evening, the NWS said it expected Hurricane Florence to make landfall near North and South Carolina. The service said it would continue monitoring the hurricane and its impact on Queens and elsewhere in the area.

“We just released a special weather balloon to obtain vital atmospheric data that will be used to improve track and intensity forecasts of Hurricane Florence,” the NWS said in a tweet. “Many NWS offices in the eastern and southern US are launching weather balloons four times a day, rather than the normal two times.”

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