State Sen. Leroy Comrie will host a series of foreclosure assistance legal clinics for residents inside his office. Photo courtesy of NY Senate

Comrie to Host Foreclosure Legal Clinic for Residents

By Dylan Campbell
Queens Daily Eagle

State Sen. Leroy Comrie will host a series of legal assistance clinics for residents facing foreclosure at his office on Farmers Boulevard in St. Albans. The workshops will take place on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

After a recent report revealed a high rate of foreclosures in Queens, Comrie announced that he will host a legal clinic at his St. Alban’s office. Attorneys from Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A will provide personalized assistance and advice to residents at risk for foreclosure.

“We need to make sure that no one is facing foreclosure alone, because it can be a intimidating process,” Comrie said. “They need to know how to respond and protect themselves and their families in this system that is designed to be complicated and confusing.”

In January, the real estate website PropertyShark reported that Queens had the highest number of foreclosures of any borough in 2017.

More than. 3,300 homes were scheduled for auction in 2017, nearly doubling the number of foreclosures in 2015 and exceeding the 2016 total by 40 percent. The 2017 foreclosure rate was the borough’s highest since 2009, when the country was mired in a housing crisis and the beginning of a deep recession.

Nine years later, however, “many homeowners in Southeast Queens and across the borough are still hurting,” Comrie said.

A foreclosure report issued by Property Shark in July showed some positive developments in Queens. In the first three months of the year, the borough had a 13 percent decline in auctioned homes. Queens was the only borough to see a decline in foreclosures during the first quarter of the year.

But homeowners in many neighborhoods are still at risk of losing their homes. With 38 foreclosures, Jamaica had the most foreclosures in Queens during the first three months of the year.

“I am glad that we have qualified professionals from Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A back in my office, fully prepared to help,” Comrie said.

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