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Cuomo Blasts Trump’s Newsprint Tariff

Jack Ryan

Queens Daily Eagle

Donald Trump does not just attack the material inside newspaper articles, he also threatens the very material those articles are printed on.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo is fighting back.

On Sunday, Cuomo called on Trump to rescind a tariff on Canadian paper used in the production of newspapers and books. Cuomo warned that the tariff has driven up the cost of community newspapers and could ultimately cost American jobs.

“President Trump’s tariffs on newsprint are an obvious economic attack on the First Amendment from an administration unable to hide its contempt for the media,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“These tariffs, which are widely opposed even by paper mills in this country, have raised costs exorbitantly on a newspaper industry already struggling in today’s changing economy. The President has repeatedly attacked the press, and now his tariffs are putting journalists out of jobs and jeopardizing the future of local newspapers that are pillars of our communities. reports that only five paper mills remain in the United States that produce newsprint, three in the state of Washington and one each in Mississippi and South Carolina. Most newspapers in New York, it says,  import their newsprint from Canada, the closest source.

“In New York, we believe that the freedom of the press is sacred and that there is no greater calling than the pursuit of truth and justice. In the words of John Adams, ‘The liberty of the press is essential to the security of the state.’ I call on the Trump administration to rescind these tariffs and protect the future of our free press for generations to come.”

Since March a tariff of up to 30 percent on Canadian uncoated paper has raised the price of newsprint.

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