NYC Council Member Francisco Moya // Eagle photo by Andy Katz

Eagle-Eyed Lawmakers Spot 7 Train Gang Tag

David Brand

A jailhouse gang tag caught the eye of two Queens lawmakers in a Corona subway station Friday.

Council Member Francisco Moya and Assembly Member Ari Espinal spotted a graffiti tag for Sureños 13, a U.S. prison gang affiliated with Mexican drug cartels, on the side of a 7 train car in the 111th Street train station.

“Gang activity will find no safe haven here,” Moya said. “I have dedicated my life to defending my community and I will continue to do so against gangs like this, which use intimidation and fear to divide neighbors and prey primarily on young Latinos.”

Espinal and Moya joined NYPD officers to scrub the spray paint.

“In the neighborhood that I was born and raised in, there will always be zero-tolerance for gang activity,” Espinal said. “I will continue to work with the NYPD and my fellow elected officials to shut down those who seek to prey on vulnerable members of our community.”

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