ISIS-Inspired Prisoner Stabs CO

By Evan Rosen and Jonathan Sperling

A Queens man convicted of providing material support to ISIS is facing even more prison time after allegedly stabbing a corrections officer and then praying for the officer’s death.

Ali Saleh, 25, was charged Wednesday after an alleged attack at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center on July 13, the New York Post reported.

According to court documents and a law enforcement source, Saleh is alleged to smiled and said “I hope you die” as he stabbed a corrections officer. He is charged with possessing contraband in prison and assaulting a federal officer.

In July, Saleh pleaded guilty to attempting to aid ISIS after he was caught trying to sneak into Syria.

“Ali Saleh was persistent in his efforts to become a foreign fighter, but his persistence did not exceed the diligence of law enforcement,” said FBI Assistant Director-in Charge William Sweeney at the time. “The defendant went to great lengths to attempt to travel to the Middle East, while funding other foreign fighters in the process. As the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force continuously strives to protect citizens from potential terrorist threats, today’s plea depicts one of the many efforts to achieve this goal.”

Saleh was arrested after repeatedly trying to travel to the Middle East to aid ISIS as a foreign fighter, according to court filings. Beginning in 2013, Saleh became interested in the conflict in Syria and swore an oath of allegiance to ISIS online.

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