Queens County Criminal Court. Eagle photo by Andy Katz.

Queens County Criminal Court Calendar – WEDNESDAY, AUG. 31, 2018

By Victoria Merlino

Alleged Howard Beach Strangler Returns to Court

In case that captivated the entire city, Chanel Lewis is charged with raping and killing Karina Vetrano when she was jogging near her home in Howard Beach in August 2016.

Vetrano, 30, was found dead in a marsh along a jogging trail. Her body showed signs of strangulation and sexual assault according to police and medical examiner. Lewis, 21, confessed to his role in the killing to police, and his DNA was found on Vetrano’s neck, under her fingernails and on her cellphone. Lewis told police that he did not mean to kill her, he was just angry and beat her impulsively after having problems at home.


Flushing Sibling Pill Mill Busted For 62,000 Xanax Sales

Flushing brothers Mahmut Tashkent, 35, and Shaadil Tashkent, 31 are charged with the illegal sale of prescription pills after police busted them with allegedly 10,000 pills, over $150,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia. Overall, the Tashkent brothers sold 62,000 Xanax pills, police said after conducting a nearly year-long investigation into their operation. Investigators tracked them to their alleged warehouse pill depot in Orange County, which was stuffed with prescription medications and packaging materials.

“A nearly year-long investigation into the illegal sale of powerful prescription pills resulted in a surprise early morning wake-up call for two Queens brothers as police, armed with a court-authorized search warrant, arrested them on drug-selling charges,” Queens County District Attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement. “In executing other search warrants, police also seized a large quantity of illicit drugs and other contraband.”


Suspected Corona Slasher Hauled to Court Flushing

Marcos Anzurez of Flushing is charged with second-degree murder after allegedly stabbing and killing a friend after a night of drinking in Corona. Anzurez, 34, cut Luis Solis Apolonio, 29, on the neck, torso, arms and legs, Queens County District Attorney Richard A. Brown said.

The two men were drinking and carousing when the night turned fatal.

“An evening of socializing turned into a deadly dispute with one man dead and his companion charged with murder,” Brown said. “The defendant in this case is accused of stabbing the victim multiple times, fatally wounding him and in the process injuring himself. This was a senseless act of violence and the defendant will be vigorously prosecuted.”


Hit-and-Run Ends With woman allegedly giving away her child

Malikah George is charged with reckless endangerment after crashing her car into an Ozone Park school and proceeding to give away her year-old baby to a female bystander at the scene.

George, 25, allegedly gave the child to the woman with a note that contained the girl’s name as well as the father’s phone number.

Three hours after the crash, George allegedly returned to the scene pretending to be a witness and spoke with a television crew before admitting she was the driver. The baby girl is now in the care of the Administration of Children’s Services.


Bitter Feud Turned Deadly

Teimel Morris is charged with the murder of an acquaintance after shooting him to death following a dispute over Morris’ harassment of the victim’s brother. Edward Harris, 28 was allegedly shot by Morris, 21, near York College in Jamaica in May 2016. Police say Morris and Harris had a year-long feud due to Morris bullying Harris’ brother, who police said struggled with developmental disabilities.


Wannabe Cop Heads to Criminal Court

Kevin Nugent is charged with possessing illegal firearms and police gear after police found two loaded guns and 370 bullets inside his Rosedale home. Cops also discovered police gear, including two police-style ballistic vests, six fake law enforcement IDs, two-way radios, handcuffs and police clothing. Police say Nugent, 40, had no clear plans for the gear. He was busted last December after attempting to pull over another driver using a car that had police-style lights and a fake NYPD detective shield on the center console. Nugent is a not a member of the NYPD.

“Illegal firearms have no place in our communities,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown. “This defendant is accused of possessing guns, live ammunition and police gear – that when worn would have convinced most civilians that he was a member of law enforcement. These deadly weapons and other items have been seized to protect anyone from harm and the defendant now faces a lengthy term of incarceration


Bodley Harm

Richard Bodley is charged with allegedly shooting and killing a Far Rockaway man in 2017. Police found Angel Guerrido was unresponsive behind a warehouse at 148-36 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. with wounds in his chest, and was later pronounced dead. Bodley was later searched by police for smoking marijuana in a Brooklyn parking lot, and was found to be carrying Guerrido’s debit card and a gun.

Bodley told police that he was driving Guerrido to a Queens mosque when an unknown person fired into his car at Guerrido, and Bodley fired back with his gun. According to Bodley, he then removed Guerrido’s body from the vehicle and cleaned up the blood and glass. He also took Guerrido’s credit card.  


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