Queens County Criminal Court. Eagle photo by Andy Katz.

Queens County Criminal Court Calendar – August 8, 2018

Mother Charged With Tossing ‘Possessed’ Infant From Window Back In Court

Rashida Chowdhury is charged with allegedly throwing her newborn baby out of a fourth-floor window in 2015. She told police she believed that the baby had become possessed by an evil spirit, Times Ledger reported. Chowdhury also police that the baby had fallen ill recently and throwing him out the window ended his pain. The child died at the scene.

“This is a truly horrific and disturbing case of a mother accused of killing her helpless 3-week-old infant son by tossing him out of a window, where he fell more than forty feet to the pavement and died,” Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement at the tie. “The alleged actions of the defendant are totally incomprehensible. She now faces serious charges that could lead to her spending the rest of her life behind bars if convicted.”


Flushing Man Allegedly Fleeced Senior Citizen for $41K in Phony Bail Scheme

Andrew Sanders is charged with third-degree grand larceny for his alleged role in a “jail bail” scam to fleece senior citizens. Prosecutors says Sanders, a Flushing resident, allegedly convinced an elderly victim to give him cash in 2017 by saying that he needed the money to post bail in the Dominican Republic. Sanders allegedly told the victim he had been arrested on marijuana charges.

“This case sadly represents an all too common scenario in which an alleged con artist will unscrupulously take advantage of an older person by playing on their love and concern for younger family members to rob them of substantial amounts of their hard-earned savings,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement.


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