Katz (left) met with activists David Hogg (second from left) and Emma Gonzalez (right) and LIFE Camp founder Erica Ford (third from left) at LIFE Camp in Jamaica on Aug. 11. Hogg and Gonzalez survived a shooting inside at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL and have galvanized movements to limit access to guns and to promote civic engagement among young people. Twitter photo courtesy of Melinda Katz.

On Target for a Cure: The Strength of a Public Health Response to Gun Violence in America

Rethink gun violence not simply as a criminal justice issue, but as a public health issue that needs a public health response. Here in Queens and at select sites across New York, we’ve been doing exactly that, treating gun violence not simply as a crime to be prevented, but more realistically as a disease to be cured. And the outcome data are clear—this approach is the solution that works.

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