Homes in Bayside // Wikimedia Commons

Bayside Torturer Gets 10 Years for Kidnapping Housekeeper

A Bayside man was sentenced to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping his housekeeper and torturing her. His wife received five years probation for her participation. On Tuesday, Justice Robert Kohm handed down the sentences for Devanand Lachman, 35, and Ambar Lachman, 35, who kidnapped and abused their housekeeper after accusing her of stealing from their home.

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An angry constituent confronts State. Sen Jose Peralta over his defection to the IDC at a town hall meeting in 2017//Eagle photo by David Brand.

Court and Election Board Demand Queens IDC Members Return Campaign Cash

The New York State Board of Elections has instructed members of the Independent Democratic Conference, including two Queens senators, to return hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations they received ahead of the September 13 party primaries.

The group of eight Democrats, included State Sen. Jose Peralta and State Sen. Tony Avella from Queens, agreed to caucus with the Republicans starting in 2011. Their collaboration with the Republicans shifted the balance of the 63-member chamber and ensured a GOP majority.

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