Eagle photo by Andy Katz

Judge Stokinger Touts Tech In Family Court

When Queens Family Court Supervising Judge Carol Stokinger left Massachusetts to attend law school at Columbia, she planned on becoming a defense attorney.

“It sounds trite for people my age, but I wanted to be a defense lawyer, the female Perry Mason,” Stokinger said.

But a rare opportunity to work in Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau’s office in the summer after her first year of law school reshaped her mission and defined her legal career.

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Subway turnstiles. // Photo by Rudy Wilms

NYPD Won’t Arrest Fare-Beaters With Summons Warrants

Slipping through the closing emergency door, squeezing two people into one section of a revolving subway entrance, hopping over the turnstile: every straphanger has seen it. So have the cops.

Most people caught by NYPD after evading the subway fare get a slap on the wrist. But for individuals with summons warrants on their records, the act results in a handcuffed trip to jail.

But that may be changing.

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A bucket hat decorated with marijuana leaves on a Queens street // Eagle photo by David Brand

Vance Stops Pot Busts, Brown Will Proceed

Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown will not join his Manhattan counterpart in declining to prosecute low-level marijuana offenses — at least not yet.

In a statement to the Queens Daily Eagle, Brown said his office will wait to see how the New York Police Department’s new marijuana enforcement directives play out.

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The Queens House of Detention sits vacant but will factor into the city's plan to close Rikers // nyc.gov

Queens Jail Turned TV Set Has Role in Rikers Closure

Over the past 16 years, it seems that everyone in Queens has proposed a new use for the vacant Queens House of Detention near the Criminal Courthouse in Kew Gardens.

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