Justice Jeremy Weinstein, administrative judge of the Queens County Supreme County, Civil Term. // Photo courtesy of Civil Court

For Judge Weinstein, Pride Comes In ‘Making Things Work’

State Supreme Court Justice Jeremy Weinstein, the administrative judge in the Queens County Civil term, has accomplished a tremendous amount in his nearly 25 years on the bench.

Weinstein created a dedicated Matrimonial Part to address issues related to child support, visitation and related financial issues. He oversaw the development of a Foreclosure Part and a free Uncontested Matrimonial Clinic, where people receive assistant in uncontested divorces with no property, support or custody issues.

He even got the city to repair the civil courthouse’s broken elevator system that had long forced staff and litigants to climb several flights of stairs just to have their day in court.

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Judge Mojgan Lancman serves on the bench in Supreme Court, Civil Term and as president of the Brandeis Association. // Photo courtesy of Brandeis Association

Understanding Is Imperative To Judge Lancman

Litigants might not always like the outcome, but one thing is for certain in Justice Mojgan Lancman’s courtroom: everyone will understand what is happening and why a decision was made.

That’s because Lancman, a Supreme Court, Civil Term justice, champions the importance of understanding in the courtroom. It was her own experience settling in Queens after escaping religious persecution in her native Iran that informed that perspective.

“Having had the experience of being an immigrant and walking into a situation I knew nothing about where everything was different, [enables me] to have the patience to explain things to people,” Lancman said. “If [litigants] don’t have an attorney or English is their second language, I want to make sure they understand what is happening. Even if they get a result they didn’t want or they have to come back to court, they at least understand why.”

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