Maker Faire 2012 featured a fiery volcano. Photo by Jennifer Morrow.

World Maker Faire Coming to Flushing Meadows

By Jonathan Sperling
Queens Daily Eagle

The East Coast’s largest celebration of invention, creativity and curiosity is making its way to Queens later this month, bringing the “Maker Movement” within walking distance of the No. 7 train.

The New York Hall of Science, located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, will host The World Maker Faire on Saturday, Sept. 22 and Sunday, Sept. 23, featuring everything from an exhibit on sustainable architecture to a live presentation hosted by Adam Savage, the former host of “Mythbusters,” as well as other special events that are sure to delight the borough’s tech heads.

“The future of work is changing dramatically,” said Dale Dougherty, CEO of Make: and Maker Faire in a statement. “We need to encourage and empower young people to embrace their unique talents and to build, create and innovate. Often times these paths aren’t available in the traditional education structures. Our hope with the Education Forum is to open up those opportunities.”

Dougherty highlighted the Maker Faire’s Make: Education Forum, entitled “Making The Future of Work,” which will take place on Friday, Sept. 21. The forum serves to shine a light on the “leaders, influencers and practitioners providing support, services and programs to bring making into schools,” according to its organizers. A keynote presentation will be given by tech giant Cognizant’s Mike Cook, as well as high-end bicycle component maker Fab Lab Hub’s Sarah Boisvert.

The Make Faire itself will feature 500+ events, exhibits and presentations on eight stages that revolve around social good, health, technology, electronics, 3D printing and fabrication, food, robotics and art. Among the highlights are “The Hand of Man,” a a 26 foot-long, hydraulically actuated human hand and forearm controlled by a glove device that will pick up and crush full-size cars, as well as “the Maker Pavillion, a world-class exhibition of the newest in Maker digital fabrication and tech tools, startups and companies.”

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